GCF impact dashboard

Dashboard of data availability and updates of the database

Dashboard Database

The Earth Innovation database contains information of about 40 indicators, divided into environmental, economic and social themes. These indicators are documented at three jurisdictional levels:
  • Countries (noted as p0)
  • Provinces or departments (noted as p1)
  • Municipalities or districts (noted as p2)
The following pages offer a dashboard that illustrates the availability of each indicator at a given jurisdictional level and time.

Understanding the dashboard

Each indicator in the database is composed of the following information:
  • Jurisdiction level: describes the administrative scale
  • Indicator: indicator name
  • Data: indicator value
  • Place: refers to the name of the country, state, municipality or other geographical place
  • Temporality: signals the year of the indicator
  • Source: institution in charge of documenting the indicator.