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Brazil nut -castanha-

Acre’s Brazil nuts are sustainably harvested from wild stands of this towering rainforest tree by traditional and indigenous forest communities. Family revenues from nuts collection are growing through the State-supported “CooperAcre” producer-run cooperative.


The Brazilian Nut has received the Brazilian Ecocert certification

About 2,000 families are involved with the commercialization of Castanha in Acre. Traditional collectors may reach 10,000

14,000 tons was the production of castanha in 2015 in Acre

The productive chain of castanha in Acre is supported by cooperatives and the state government

Standing forest, rains, fauna and good practices are key to secure the production of castanha

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Acre is home to 25% of the Brazilian nut and the second largest producer of this amazon fruit.

Castanha grows in tall trees in Acre and the nuts are collected by ‘extrativistas’, forest gatherers that go deep into the forest (castanheiras) to pick the fruits that fall naturally from the trees every year during the rainy season. Due to its natural origin and collection method the castanha produced in Acre preserves the forest while providing a very important income to collectors.

The state government and technical organizations are working with local collectors to improve sustainability and production.

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