The GCF Impact Platform

What is the GCFimpact platform?

The platform allows you to discover and support tropical jurisdictions progressing towards .

This initiative complements the Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force initiative and covers 55 second order jurisdictions (states, departments or provinces) in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Indonesia (1/3 of worldwide tropical forest area) as well as 1,500 municipalities in those places.

How does it work?

Get to know the most interesting projects that are committed to jurisdictional sustainability while improving conditions of local communities.

Investment opportunities

Identify strategic places based on agricultural products and forest protection indicators. Currently you can discover states by production levels of 60 agricultural products and forest protection indicators.

Discover investment opportunities

Use the jurisdictional profile to visualize and explore the progress of an specific place in terms of social, economic and environmental indicators.

Explore a state

Use country interactive maps to visualize agriculture and forest indicators over the states and municipalities .

Explore a country map

Brazil | Peru | Indonesia

The jurisdictional profile

Agricultural data with area and production of more than 60 agricultural products as well as livestock population and size of economic activities.

Forest cover indicators include forest area, deforestation, reference baselines, avoided deforestation, CO2 emissions, landcover areas.

Social indicators include human development index, poverty, unemployment, indigenous population, urban and rural population, mortality, gini of income. Forest governance include indicators on indigenous territories, and protected areas.


Governors' Climate and Forests Task Force